Children’s transport

remolque infantil Croozer para bicicletas


With high quality materials and long-lasting pieces, Croozer is up to any adventure. With safety, comfort and design, you can enjoy your daily routes and weekend getaways. The shock absorbers make children feel like they are on a cloud.

It is possible to easily change from a pram to a jogging cart or a van for the bicycle.

Silla Portabebé Bobike One


On top of being easy to use and comfortable, Bobike uses a smart and unique double-wall design for all their seats, guaranteeing optimal protection.

With the Bobike seat you can easily circulate around the busy city life. Bobike one allows you and your child to explore the city with your bike in a safe and unique way.


In Central Bike Barcelona our first objective is our clients’ safety. That is why we offer a wide range of helmets in all sizes, for the entire family’s safety.


In Central Bike Barcelona we don’t forget about your bicycle’s safety. That is why we have the sector’s best brand; ABUS covers the bike security spectrum with high quality arc locks, chain locks and folding locks, as well as cables, shielded cables and spiral cables, offering the appropriate bike lock for each necessity.

This way, with a small investment you can face even the smartest thieves.


If you already have a cargo bike or any kind of bike, you are going to need some accesories and complements either to maximize its comfort, security or aesthetic.

In Central Bike Barcelona we know how important cycling is as a sport, and we wish to empower urban cycling, which is why it’s important for your travel partner to be correctly equipped depending on what it’s going to be used for.

We can find complements for mountains lovers, such as restistent helmets, mud and rain protecting covers, odometers and GPS or water bottles adaptable to the bicycle.

If on the contrary we wish to go on strolls and family excursions, we have Croozers that work as bicycle trailers available, which will make your kids feel on a cloud. We also have back seats with seatbelts for the kid to enjoy the trip by your side, living it close to you.

We are not forgetting about the urban ones, for whom we have other accesories available, such as city helmets with different styles, colours and designs. Or anti-theft systems like arc locks, chains, shielded cables and spiral cables.


The options that we can add to a bicycle are truly infinite, because for you to feel that your bicycle is complete, accessories are needed, and in the end the most important thing is that you as the driver of your bicycle feel comfortable and enjoy the journey to the maximum, whether you are going to the supermarket, to the mountains or to work.

Most of the accessories are optional according to your preferences and the use that you want to give them, but above all, do not forget to always carry these accessories with you, because they are required by law and their absence can lead to fines and sanctions by the authorities:

  • Homologated red reflective lights at the rear
  • White marker lights at the front
  • Bell
  • Helmet

In our case, the urban and cargo bicycles that we offer already have lights and bells incorporated to comply with the regulations. Despite so, do not forget to take a look and contact us for any questions that may arise.