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Introducing a diverse collection of Longtail bikes that meet all mobility demands.

At Central Bike Barcelona we are specialists in Longtail bicycles with electrical assistance, we know that they are the future and that is why we have firmly committed to them.

And we are the first Longtail hub of Riese & Müller in Spain.


Cargo Bike Longtail


Cargo Bike Longtail

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Electric Bike Longtail


Currently, Longtail type bicycles are revolutionizing the way we move around European cities, especially in northern countries. These versatile electric bicycles, with or without the option of pedal assistance, offer an ecological, simple and comfortable alternative to get around in the urban environment, saving time, money and avoiding unpleasant traffic jams.

Longtails are bicycles designed with a large cargo area at the rear, designed to transport heavy or lighter loads comfortably and safely.

The evolution of Longtail bicycles has been remarkable, currently allowing children to be carried safely on the back. Even large courier companies have adopted their use to expedite deliveries in cities, since some Longtail can support loads of up to 180 kg.

Thanks to the weight distribution in the rear, these bikes become more manageable and agile, as well as giving you constant visual control over the transported load.


The Longtail electric bike offer is wide and diverse, equipped with quality motors and batteries that allow you to access areas inaccessible to conventional vehicles, such as pedestrian areas or narrow streets in the city center.

With a Longtail bicycle, you contribute to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions in your city, as well as saving fuel and time on your journeys. Its great autonomy, up to 65 km, allows you to go as far as you want.

Increasingly popular in our country, cities like Barcelona, Madrid and even Malaga have experienced exponential growth in the adoption of Longtail bicycles in recent years.

Discover, enjoy and experience the freedom of mobility that the Longtail gives you, taking you where you want to go. In a world that demands intelligent, courageous and responsible decisions, this option represents a conscious choice towards a future that is more sustainable and friendly to the environment that surrounds us.