Foto chica en bicicleta Cargo Bike

The amazing cargo bike tricycle from Butchers & Bicycles is made in Denmark.

With a beautiful and functional design, its great asset is its tilting action, being unique in the market, it provides unbeatable stability and faster and safer cornering.

Cargo Bikes Butchers And Bicycles, Designed For Family Enjoyment

Mk1-E Gen.3

Butchers & Bicycles Electric Bike


Butchers & Bicyles, is a brand of electric cargo bicycles -or cargo bikes- founded in the city of Copenhagen in 2011.

Hand-created and with a very clear dream: “to be able to make a difference with families”. Butchers & Bicyles electric bicycles aim to reinvent the concept of family outing, so that families can enjoy a comfortable and fun journey, spending quality time together. And thanks to all the accessories that can be added to this cargo bike, it is perfect for both children and parents.

The Danish company stands out for its creative, functional and timeless designs, which denote the great work of innovation behind each model. Taking care of every last detail, they have managed to position themselves as one of the great European leaders in the field of electric cargo bicycles.

All its cargo bike models have three wheels and carry the load in front. This factor provides much more stability and performance to the tricycle, as well as safety for the driver, whose load is always visible and controlled.

With smooth rides and elegant designs, they make this cargo bike ideal for any terrain and occasion. Enjoy the pleasure of riding a bicycle thanks to its leaning mechanism that will allow you to lean into corners as if it were a traditional bicycle, but providing a safer and more exciting ride.

This tricycle is compact enough to get into narrow streets, and go where vehicles can’t. This is why, currently, many courier companies use their vehicles to make deliveries faster and more comfortably.

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